basic Kimono lesson (how to wear by your own)

You can learn how to wear Kimono for casual to semi-formal use.
8 lessons 90 min/per lesson,  5,000JPY/per lesson, per person
You can take lessons at your place.
*travel expenses for the teacher are required except for inside Nakatsugawa city,Gifu.

details of lessons

1st lesson : how to fold kimono / how to wear Juban, under kimono
2nd lesson : how to wear kimono
3rd lesson : Hanhaba-Obi, half wide casual sash
* You can now go out in kimono after taking 3rd lesson.
4th lesson : Nagoya-Obi sash 1 how to make Otaiko-musubi*
*Otaiko-musubi is a method for tying Obi sash, shaped like a square.
You can wear Otaiko-musubi at semi-formal occasion.

5th lesson : Nagoya-Obi sash 2 how to make Otaiko-musubi 2
6th lesson : Nagoya-Obi sash 3 how to tye Obiage and Obijime
7th and 8th lessons : brushup reviews

Yukata lesson

Lesson for how to wear casual summer Kimono, Yukata.
120min 6,000JPY

miracle Haneri sewing

120min 5,000JPY

How to sew Haneri, replacable collar, on Jyuban easily.
Haneri is a cloth put on Jyuban’s collar.
It’s replaceable because collar is the part which can easily get dirty.

It takes time to replace Haneri without knowing this miracle Haneri sewing method.
You can also learn how to coordinate Haneri.

Kitsuke (to get dressed in Kimono)

Kitsuke with your Kimono.

Kitsuke Price (tax included)

Formal Kimono with long sleevs for unmarried woman.
Furisode        10,000JPY

Formal and casual Kimono
Tomesode  5,000JPY
Houmongi/Tsukesage  5,000JPY
Komon/Iromuji     5,000JPY
Hakama for woman   5,000JPY
Mofuku 5,000JPY

Formal for Kids
Shichigosan       5,000JPY
(3year-old girl   3,000JPY)

Casual for summer
Yukata     3,000JPY

Early morning charge
start befor 7am +1,000JPY

*travel expenses for the dresser are required except for inside Nakatsugawa city,Gifu.

Inquiry and application

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