cancellation policy

Cancellation policy

<about application>
・Your application will be confirmed when you received the date announcement after you have contact us by contact form of this web site, e-mail, SMS or DM.
・Cancellation is subject to 100% cancellation fee for customer request after your application is confirmed.
・Due to secure schedule, please understand that payment will be by bank transfer in advance.
・Please transfer the payment to the bank account you be announced within 5days after your application.
(Please let us know when your payment is done.)
・Your cancellation fee will be charged next time or you will not be able to make your application for the next time if you do not pay your payment.

<early morning charge>
・Early morning charge will be charged starting before 7am. (+1,000円)

<travel expenses>
・The travel expenses for the dresser are required except for inside Nakatsugawa city, Gifu.
・There are cases in which accommodation fee will be included in travel expenses when the dresser come one night early is necessary.
・It is not necessary to pay besides suggested amount on that day.

<date change>
・Basically, we do not accept date change for Kimono lessons after lesson date is decided.
・We accept date change only when the date of the ceremony you are going to attend in Kimono is changed. Please let us know one month before your application date if you are going to change the date.
・You can choose the day to wear Kimono on the day of your application or another day if the ceremony is cancelled. Cancellation is subject to 100% cancellation fee even if the ceremony you are going to attend in Kimono is cancelled.

・After the application is confirmed, cancellation is subject to 100% cancellation fee when customer ask to cancel for any reason such as traffic condition, health condition, and etc.

・When we ask for cancellation, we will refund full price you paid for your application.

<bad weather, disaster case>
・When customer ask to cancel for bad weather, disaster or any accident, it will be the same case as other cancellation and subject to 100% cancellation fee.

<health conditon>
・For preventing infection of COVID, measure your temperature on the morning. Please contact us before you came if your temperature is over 37℃. Cancellation due to health condition will be the same as customer request cancellation and be subject to 100% cancellation fee.

Please wear a mask on the day, otherwise you will not receive service.

You cannot apply unless you agree to all of the policy above.